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Threpsis superfood sesame bar

Considerably stimulative, rich in vitamin E, calcium , phosphorus , potassium , magnesium and iron,Threpsis Sesame bar is an indulgent snack and also a unique nutritional proposal at any time of the day. In Sparta Goods, we kept the traditional recipe, replacing the honey with Threpsis superfood, which apart from the superb taste, it offers us its exceptional properties.

Threpsis Superfood

Never before has a superfood accomplished to combine so tastefully, the most precious nutrients of the planet .Honey of excellent quality , fine selection of Goji Berry , Ippofaes , Ceylon Cinnamon and of course Chios Mastic! With unique beneficial and healing properties , THREPSIS superfood constitutes an excellent sourse of energy , vitality and wellness , rich in vitamins , minerals and trace elements, with strong antioxidant and anti-flammatory action.

It increases the basal metabolic rate .

It helps out the smooth heart function and also the circulatory system.

It decreases the stomach acidity and it acts as an assistant to gastroenterology diseases.

It is especially rich in antioxidants.

It has anti-flammatory action.

It is really rich in polynsaturated fatty acids.

It composes a source of vitamins , aminoacids, minerals and trace elements.

It offers rejuvenation , wellness and energy.

It helps to the quick recovery and healing process of wounds.

It strengthens significantly the immune system.

It protects and reinforces the nervous system.

It detoxicates the organism.

It oxygenates the human organism , fighting against premature aging.



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